Anthropologie Furniture Collection Ideas for Room Design

Liberty, a UK-based department store known for luxury goods and peppy, eye-catching floral prints, has teamed up with home and fashion darling Anthropologie to launch their first ever upholstered furniture collection in North America, available online and in select stores on August 14th.

This isn’t Liberty’s first foray into home goods, of course. Our European sisters have been able decorate their homes in Liberty designs for years, while those of us stateside had to satisfy our craving for graphic floral prints with the occasional collaboration or capsule collection.

Their highly-anticipated collection for Anthropologie will include over 40 items, including bedding, room décor, stationery and furniture, featuring 18 iconic Liberty prints reinterpreted by Anthropologie. Scroll on to see some of our favorite pieces from this must-have collab.
Dream up inventive ways to spotlight your vintage items this season, such as taking a weathered, well-loved box and turning it upside-down to display pumpkins and other gourds. Antique pieces always tell a story, and they’ll be sure to add to the homey scene you’re creating.
Swap out your standard kitchen canisters for ones with a bit more farmhouse flair, like these chalk-painted mason jars. The twine brings in country detailing, and it’s a much more charming way to store your kitchen tools or even a beautiful fall bouquet.
Adapt the bohemian lifestyle with floor seating. You can use poufs, pillows, or even bean bags. Choose stitched leather, colorful patterns, or natural materials for a loungy feel. This living space designed by Maison Trouvaille adds a bohemian vibe by ditching armchairs and adding some square poufs. By mixing and matching graphic fabrics in the same color schemes, you’ll notice the space has more layers, without looking too busy.

Tips to Make Your Home Look Like an Autumn Oasis

Nothing says fall like cozy knit sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and bohemian inspired interiors. To help get you in the mood, we’ve gathered a few ways to update your home so you can thoroughly enjoy everyone’s favorite season, inside your home.
Rattan is the essential boho material with its organic, natural texture and soft tones. These pendants are easy to affix as a lamp shade to any bare bulb pendants, making them an easy update to your home. You can add them over a kitchen island, next to your bed, or over a sofa. They come in various sizes and shapes to choose from; CB2 and Pottery Barn both have good options. Pendants can be layered in a bunch to make a statement piece or just one large shade will make a nice impact on any space.
In case you haven’t noticed, all things cacti are having a moment. You can get all the joy out of cacti without the pain! Step One: Choose your medium. Watercolors or black and white photography are a safe bet. Step Two: Frame. Step Three: Hang! Super easy and no Bandaids needed. This Summer Cactus print from Minted is a great choice.
Hang loose and carefree, the bohemian way, in a hanging rattan chair. These gorgeous chairs don’t take up any space visually as they hang effortlessly from the ceiling. Add them in cozy corners or in your outdoor space to add instant boho vibes. Dress them up in winter with a sheepskin rug or in summer with some banana leaf pillows!
Every boho space needs one of these. Large or small, colorful or neutral, you can’t go wrong. Think of macrame as jewelry for your house; Add them over the bed or in your entry way. The woven material adds a sense of comfort while the fringe design adds a unique feel to the home. If you’re feeling ambitious, DIY! All you need is some yarn, a wood pole, scissors and some patience.

Do You Like Farmhouse Touches Into Your Home

When they first called it “the holiday season,” they really should have thought about naming it “the cozy season” instead. With November comes promises of stuffing and pumpkin pie, and our attention naturally turns to everyone’s favorite holiday for eating and gathering—Thanksgiving.

There are aspects of Thanksgiving that can admittedly feel a bit stressful: aligning schedules so that all the family members can attend, perfecting that cranberry sauce recipe, taking time off from work, even though that stack of papers looms on your desk.

But at the heart of Thanksgiving, there are the big things that overcome those little things–togetherness, warmth, and love.

And you can set the scene for this snug, sweet occasion, wrapping in farmhouse touches throughout your home’s décor. Farmhouse is a design style that easily lends itself to simpler times and nostalgic feelings of home. Through vintage treasures (with maybe a family heirloom or two woven in), soft, delicate neutrals, comforting fabrics and textiles and of course, plenty of autumnal details, you can create a bygone atmosphere that will make your guests feel truly welcomed and at ease.

Here, you’ll find 10 inspiring ideas for turning your house into a farmhouse this Thanksgiving.
A quote or beloved phrase is a creative way to greet your Thanksgiving guests as they walk in the door. You can use a roll of butcher paper and twine to display these words, perhaps trying your hand at calligraphy, or keeping it easy by using your familiar, everyday handwriting. Your kids can even get in on this, asking them to write some pleasant words on the paper as well.

How to Decorate Rooms with Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Because you believe filling your home with meaningful things is better than buying faddish décor, let’s talk Moroccan wedding blankets, traditionally called handira.

Initially hand-woven by Berber craftspeople in central Morocco, the textiles are a part of a storied tradition that blesses newlyweds. But their romantic history is not the only thing that makes them highly pinnable. When used as throws, wall hangings, or upholstery fabric, the fringy and sparkly blankets add cozy style to spaces. Here is how to use these timeless textiles to spruce up your décor.
The typical Moroccan wedding blanket is creamy white, covered with fringe, and bedazzled with dozens if not hundreds of mirrored sequins. In this dreamy space styled by​ The Platform Experiment, a handira throw dresses up a bed.
Texture and shine can enliven a space dominated by neutral colors. In this loft apartment by interior design company, Wake and Loom, the Moroccan wedding blanket on the sofa is a toasty touch that pops.
Even in rooms that do not follow a neutral color scheme a Moroccan wedding blanket can add visual warmth and pleasant texture. Case in point, this colorful and eclectic New York City apartment by interior designer Ashley Manfred. She used the beautiful textile to break up the color of a sizable sofa. The designer says it is a classic, decorating trick that adds visual interest.
Beautifully made items look great from all sides. That is why this Moroccan wedding blanket is displayed backward. The clients who own this home decorated by French and French Interiors say they flipped the textile to show off the lovely, intricate weaving.

The Winter Blahs With Scandinavian Decor Tips

It is freezing, cold outside and you are stuck inside for God knows how long. Worse, your home feels like a dank cave instead of a snug haven. No wonder you feel gloomy.

It is time to banish your winter woes with a little Scandinavian style.

Nordic winters are long, dark and brutal. Do locals dread the frigid weather? Surprisingly not. In fact, Scandinavians celebrate the frostiest season and boosting indoor coziness is a big part of the party.

To make life inside comfy-cozy this winter, implement a few of these 13 Scandinavian décor trends.
This hand-knit blanket has dethroned the sheepskin throw as the comforter of choice in many Scandinavian homes.

In fact, Nordic décor bloggers have been raving about these outrageously chunky and wonderfully cozy, wool blankets all over the interweb.

If you have seen one before, there’s a mighty fine chance it was knit by Anna Marinenko — using her arms as oversized needles.

Arm knitting is not a brand-new thing judging by the number of how to videos found online. However, Marinenko, who got her start selling on Etsy, might be the only person on the planet who turned this pastime into a success full-time business. Her company is called Ohhio.

Happy customers say her knits are amazingly soft. However, this form of comfort does not come cheap. An extra large blanket, which is considered queen-sized here in the States, retails for around $900 USD.

However, you could knit one yourself for a whole lot less.

Marinenko also sells supplies for creating chunky knits. Spools of bulky Merino yarn start at $59. Do you prefer to knit the traditional way? You can pick up a pair of oversized circular needles for $55.
The easiest way to bring Nordic style into your home is by adding a few houseplants that won’t die on you says Dutch blogger, Marij Hessel. Learn more about her passion for green houseplants on My Attic.

Green and leafy perennials are on trend right now. They are adept at freshening stale indoor air, which is a real mood booster in winter.

An easy to maintain favorite is the rubber tree. It thrives in medium light, and you only water it when the soil is bone dry. So that you know, a rubber tree could grow 8-feet tall.

Another goof-proof option is the aptly named Swedish ivy. It has trailing leafy, stems that makes it a crowd favorite.

Got children or pets? The best plants for your home should be nontoxic.

However, keep in mind, just because a plant is considered safe, it is not necessarily OK for any creature to consume. The spider plant regarded as both kid and furbaby-friendly can be especially harmful to cats if chewed.