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The Winter Blahs With Scandinavian Decor Tips

It is freezing, cold outside and you are stuck inside for God knows how long. Worse, your home feels like a dank cave instead of a snug haven. No wonder you feel gloomy.

It is time to banish your winter woes with a little Scandinavian style.

Nordic winters are long, dark and brutal. Do locals dread the frigid weather? Surprisingly not. In fact, Scandinavians celebrate the frostiest season and boosting indoor coziness is a big part of the party.

To make life inside comfy-cozy this winter, implement a few of these 13 Scandinavian décor trends.
This hand-knit blanket has dethroned the sheepskin throw as the comforter of choice in many Scandinavian homes.

In fact, Nordic décor bloggers have been raving about these outrageously chunky and wonderfully cozy, wool blankets all over the interweb.

If you have seen one before, there’s a mighty fine chance it was knit by Anna Marinenko — using her arms as oversized needles.

Arm knitting is not a brand-new thing judging by the number of how to videos found online. However, Marinenko, who got her start selling on Etsy, might be the only person on the planet who turned this pastime into a success full-time business. Her company is called Ohhio.

Happy customers say her knits are amazingly soft. However, this form of comfort does not come cheap. An extra large blanket, which is considered queen-sized here in the States, retails for around $900 USD.

However, you could knit one yourself for a whole lot less.

Marinenko also sells supplies for creating chunky knits. Spools of bulky Merino yarn start at $59. Do you prefer to knit the traditional way? You can pick up a pair of oversized circular needles for $55.
The easiest way to bring Nordic style into your home is by adding a few houseplants that won’t die on you says Dutch blogger, Marij Hessel. Learn more about her passion for green houseplants on My Attic.

Green and leafy perennials are on trend right now. They are adept at freshening stale indoor air, which is a real mood booster in winter.

An easy to maintain favorite is the rubber tree. It thrives in medium light, and you only water it when the soil is bone dry. So that you know, a rubber tree could grow 8-feet tall.

Another goof-proof option is the aptly named Swedish ivy. It has trailing leafy, stems that makes it a crowd favorite.

Got children or pets? The best plants for your home should be nontoxic.

However, keep in mind, just because a plant is considered safe, it is not necessarily OK for any creature to consume. The spider plant regarded as both kid and furbaby-friendly can be especially harmful to cats if chewed.